Quinta do Buble, the Godello of Monterrei that speaks German

The Oimbra winery sells around 80 percent of its production abroad, with the German market as the first destination. It focuses its work on white wines, but also produces a small amount of Mencia

Quinta do Buble, the Godello of Monterrei that speaks German

Quinta do Buble winery (Oimbra, Ourense).

Godello, a native grape that has gained strength in recent years in designations of origin (DO) like Valdeorras and Monterrei, is being very well received in international markets. In the case of Quinta do Buble, an Oimbra winery (Ourense) of the DO Monterrei, its Godello has Germany as its first destination, a country where it has wowed and where it already has a well-established distribution.

The winery’s entry into the Germanic country was helped due to the fact that some of its partners live there, while other traditional wine markets are also not foreign to it, as is the case of Japan, Belgium and Ireland. About 80% of the Quinta do Bublé production is exported, while the remaining 20% is consumed in Galicia and the north of Spain.

“Monterrei is doing a good job and generating interest. The prestige that Galicia Calidade provides abroad is also important”

Quinta do Buble’s work focuses on white wines, mainly Godello, while it also produces a small amount of Mencia. Its white wine of reference carries the name of the winery, Quinta do Bublé, a Godello that is made from the production of the oldest vines and that is macerated prior to its next step to the tanks.

“It is a wine that is characterised by its aromatic intensity. The majority of our vines are on a hillside area, so the production volumes are lower than in the valley, but the grape retains more aroma and freshness, says Beatriz Casado, from Quinta do Buble.

Quinta do Buble vineyard.

Quinta do Buble vineyard.

Another of the Godellos of the winery is Terra do Lobo, a brand that was originally designed for the United States, which goes to the tank after pressing, without maceration. The white wine chapter closes with O Roncal, a multi-variety wine that has Godello as the main variety and around 10% Treixadura, another ‘top’ native variety in Galicia.
As for the reds, Quinta do Bublé has marketed vintage Mencia in previous years, although now it is focusing on the development of young wines.

The total production of the winery is around 120,000 litres, although it has the capacity to grow. Nowadays Quinta do Bublé is supplied from the grapes from its own vineyards, totalling around 22 hectares.

“Our vineyards are on the hillside, so we get less volume of production than in the valley, but greater aromas”

In the future, the winery plans to expand production by renting vineyards of the designation. “Our idea is to control the whole process of growth and ripening of the grapes to be able to have a greater guarantee of quality,” indicates Beatriz Casado.

At the winery, they are satisfied with the work that is being done in the DO Monterrei, because they feel that markets are being opened and interest is being generated. They also make use of the Galicia Calidade seal for their promotion abroad. “We have been using the Galicia Calidade seal for two years because it is a brand that that brings prestige when dealing with people abroad. Everything Galician has an image of quality abroad”, they emphasise at the winery.

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